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Discover the artistic journey of Steven De Saeger (artist name Sedas) via a selection of art series in which works are grouped according to areas of interest and / or techniques used.

We are interested in technology, but also in nature and portraiture and like to use a variety of materials for this.

In the galleries you will find a selection of traditional oil paintings, charcoal drawings, sketches, digital paintings, illustrations & Crypto art (NFT).

I wish you a pleasant voyage of discovery through my world.

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NFT - New Collection - "Mars 2 Infinity - Visions"

Be the first collector to add a nifty from our new unique art series - 'March 2 Infinity - Visions' - regarding humanities quest into transhumanism.

If you do so then you will receive the unique First NFT Collector award for free as a token of our gratitude & your awesomeness.



So don't hesitate, buy any NFT from the series and that token will be yours !


Recent New Work

Snoekkruid In Decay 1

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Recent Ilustrations

Forever connected to the dark web, their bodies in constant dismay, their minds in constant pleasure ... is this the new promised utopia ?

Dark Web Connected I

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Launching my first Crypto Art Collection on OpenSea


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  Art brings beauty to a global world that is often dark and ugly